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Dedicated to DEI.

We’re dedicated to diversity, equity & inclusion. Building a truly inclusive community for educating children is our most important goal, our hardest challenge, and the driving force behind everything we do. We have been champions of diversity from the outset, and attribute 100% of our success to having a team of educators, leaders, and staff who come from all walks of life and benefit from that difference.


What We Look For



We are all united by one purpose: to create the best educational environment for our students.


We are tenacious in building positive working relationships with colleagues and we work hard to celebrate the work of others.


We value diversity in thinking and solicit input from peers and stakeholders when making decisions that impact others.

Continuous Improvement

We are lifelong learners and are empowered by a feedback cycle — up, down, and sideways.

Elementary School Science Leave Replacement

Leave Replacement (August '24-January '25)

High School Chemistry Teacher

Brooklyn Prospect High School

Elementary School Lead Teacher

Prospect Schools Elementary School Lead Teacher

Middle School Resident Teacher

Windsor Terrace High School

Elementary School Spanish Teacher

Elementary School Spanish Teacher

Middle School Social Worker

Windsor Terrace Middle School

High School ELA & Humanities Teacher

Brooklyn Prospect High School

High School Science Teacher

Brooklyn Prospect High School